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2024 - Star Shine Oracle

Each year I draw tarot and oracle cards for the coming year. This year I did the Star Shine Spread... plus the animal and crystal ally for 2024. I did this reading on the 1/1/2024, however I felt like I was in a state of limbo, not quite here yet in this new 2024 year. Being in this kind of limbo state though has given me time to pause and reflect, time to sit with what was, time to sit with what next.

I went to share this the night of the new moon on the 11th, however the computer crashed and I lost the blog... *sigh technology is just as temperamental as humans!!! 2024 is going to be a year of trusting your intuition, following your own path, death & rebirth. Transformation is going to be an understatement. Best not to resist the changes and shifts that will come your way. And most importantly, definitely a must, is look after your physical body as much as you do your mental, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Our physical body is one of the greatest influences of our life experience. It actually determines many things about our life experience.... like health, vitality, clarity, motivation and enthusiasm. I encourage everyone to download this app 'Yuka', as it will help you determine if you harming yourself or healing yourself. It scans the barcodes of your groceries so you can see what it is actually made of before you put it in or on you body.

Transformation not a bad thing! It is so necessary and the most liberating also, if you are aware that that is happening and don't resist the change. Look to 2024 with curiosity and wonder at what potential is waiting around the corner. YOUR energy field, YOUR conscious choices and awareness will dictate the outcome or experience. Awareness, Attitude, Approach. Walking towards health and happiness is not to be afraid of or resented. Try instead an open mind, open heart, wise choices that your 'medicine' man or woman would choose and walk somewhat gracefully forward. Remember also, you will be tested, for how else would practice your knowing? And ensuring your physical health is a priority, will be your greatest asset for 2024 in navigating what is around the corner for you. Your physical body is the greatest influence in your life of your life experience, treat it like how you want to experience life ~ hopefully with love.




For in-depth meaning of the layout, as each position has meaning, and the decks used, which are also specific for their position in the layout...please click here:

2024 In a nutshell:

Crowning: The Magician & 9 Cups (new opportunities & fulfilment)

Left Shoulder: Sisterhood of the Rose (laying healthy foundations)

Right Shoulder: Deep Cellular Healing (prioritise your body)

Left Leg: Trust (follow your inner knowing & guidance)

Right Leg: Limitless (open your mind, open your heart)

Heart: Bat (prepare for transformation)

Underneath: Well-Being (wise elder choices now)

Animal Ally: Butterfly (transformation)

Crystal/Element Ally: Fire (transformation)

Crowning: (what needs articulating ~ the energies that will crown us for 2024)

The Magician  ~ Guidance ~ New Opportunities ~ Creative Initiative

Primary Principle: Creativity in Action

Positive: Will power/Action

Inspirational. Ideas. Possibilities. New growth & new beginnings. Manifesting desires.

This is a time for decision making and action. Manifesting desires. Potential skills and creative abilities not yet realised.

Can be a sudden hunch, or any turn of fate. Can expect good luck and changes in fortune. You are going to begin again on a new foot, or with a new partner.

It is said that good luck is where planning meets opportunity, and this partly describes the Magician. May discover energy and resources that help resolve your situation favourably.

This card is primarily about self-development. It suggests that we have the ability to control our own lives, that we can manipulate people, things and events – as long as we go about it the correct way and for the right reasons.

Shows you have control over the immediate environment. Having power and influence over what is going on in your life and circumstances surrounding you.

Grounded but spiritual as well. A spiritual guide may be helping at this time.

~ that is the knowing for 2024

9 Cups ~ Fulfillment

Cups in General:

Key word: Feelings

Element: Water

Plane: Emotional

Area: Relationships

The symbol of the Cup has always been associated with the heart, for the fluid which it contains is the fluid world of EMOTION/FEELING. Whether this is the clear water of Spiritual Love or the blood-red wine of passion, the Cup from which we drink is the vessel through which we experience relationships.

Cups are the feeling or bridge between the original idea (Wands) and the next stage, which is action (Swords). Cups helps develop manifesting, the link between thought and feeling.

Cups are associated with EMOTION, DESIRE, INNER EXPERIENCE and SPIRIT and the element of WATER.

9 Cups ~ Emotional Fulfillment, True Contentment

A time of pleasure and satisfaction, fulfilment of a cherished wish. Your heart’s desire is on its way.

An emotional commitment of some kind that brings joy. Ready to enjoy happiness and prosperity in abundance.

May be about to finalise a business deal or finalise a project of great value to you. This card represent the rewards we receive when we make a pledge to our highest emotional aspirations.

~ that is the knowing for 2024

Left Shoulder: (what is the meditation for 2024)

Sisterhood of the Rose - Beauty and devotion. Priestess. Mystic. Teacher.

– You are being called to spend more time in nature, as all the ancient secrets live there. You are being called to take a little more time to both notice the beauty that exists all around you and contribute to the beauty of the world in your own way too. Every time you devote your time to creating beauty, you harmonise the planet a little more and the shift in vibration can be felt.

~ that is the meditation for 2024

 Right Shoulder: (what is the dharma for 2024)

Deep Cellular Healing - Arcturus energy. Physical and emotional healing.

– Today, it's difficult to navigate our health. You are being called to focus on your healing in practical ways. To prioritise your health. To be kind and tender to our miraculous body. To give yourself the grounding and care you need. To put your body first. Affirmation: 'I take back my vitality and energy and feel more and more healthy each and every day. My body knows how to heal. My body knows how to heal'.

~ that is the practice for 2024

Left Leg: (what is the attitude that will help you move forward for 2024)

Trust (33) - 'Trust in the wisdom of your heart: in truth will it guide you always.' - Nari

– It is vital that you stay aligned with your inner truth and trust in your own inner knowing and guidance. Detach from others illusions, opinions and beliefs. Trust yourself and trust your heart's compass to steer in the direction most aligned with your truth. Stay true to your principles and always trust your inner guidance.

~ that is the beingness for 2024

Right Leg: (what is the approach will help you move forward for 2024)

Limitless (20) - 'Don't conform to the beliefs of others; live your own truth and share this with the world with love.'

– You are being asked to reflect on your life and the walls that inhibit you. These walls are made up of limiting beliefs that prevent you from following your heart and reaching your dreams - limiting beliefs that stem from childhood experiences and expectations, which keep you locked in an invisible cell. Do not let the limiting beliefs and expectations of yourself and others confine you. You have the strength and courage within you to break away from societal expectations and follow your own guidance and intuition.

~ that is the doingness for 2024

Heart of the Matter: (what needs acknowledging ~ the energies at the heart of the matter for 2024)

Bat (26) - Rebirth

– Bat has appeared to symbolise the need for a ritualistic death of some way of life that no longer suits your new growth pattern. This can mean a time of letting go of old habits, and of assuming the position in life that prepares you for rebirth, or in some cases initiation. In every case, Bat signals rebirth of some part of yourself or the death of old patterns. If you resist your destiny, it can be along, drawn out, or painful death. The universe is always asking you to grow and become your future. To do so you must die the shaman's death.

~ that is the accepting for 2024

Healing: (what's underneath it all ~ what connects the energies and help any healing process for 2024)

Well-Being (21)

– If you would like to enjoy our life and maintain a positive outlook, it is important to take an enthusiastic approach. Staying positive and appreciative through life's dilemmas can prove difficult. Examine your approach to life. Reflect on how your lifestyle and world view impacts your attitudes and behaviours. Once you have clarity in these areas, you can let go of what is not effective and make change toward your wellness. Make a real effort to change your unhealthy habits. Check your life choices and places where you might be deceiving yourself. Change your habits to bring more wellness into your life. As you balance your wellbeing, you will untangle your webs.

~ that is the healing for 2024

 Animal Ally: (what will assist for 2024)

Butterfly - Transformation and Change

– Butterfly gives you the courage to not only allow the changes but also to embody them within yourself and your reality. Butterfly transforms energy to create rebirth into a higher form. Butterfly allows you to trust and sustain faith while feeling the ups and downs of this transformational growth process. Butterfly allows you to emerge triumphantly into a new state of awareness. Butterfly also helps overcome limitations created from an earlier period of life, which will help open the heart, allowing creativity, beauty and gifts to manifest and transform your life even more so at this time.

~ that is the guidance for 2024

 Crystal Ally: (what will ease for 2024)

Fire - Transformation

– Prepare for a transformation. You are being initiated in a 'trial by fire' that will create drastic change in your experience of the physical world. Before the creation of the new can begin, however, the destruction of the old must take place. Fire is directing you to seek deep within, to find the outmoded aspects of your life, and then offer them up to the dragon (2024 - Year of the Dragon) within to be transformed into new and more beautiful creations. Old habits, possessions, beliefs, and creations that no longer serve you are to be swept away in the flames of your creative force. From the ashes of these outmoded creations, new and more powerful creations will emerge. By offering those things that are no longer needed to the flame of creation, you are making room in your life for the gifts that the universe if offering to you. This transformation and transmutation of spirit will be intense. Attempting to hold onto those things in your life that no longer serve you will only create difficulty. Release them readily, and you will find them replaced with the 'gold and jewels' of spiritual growth and abundant physical creations.

~ that is the grace for 2024




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