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3~ Spring, Correspondence Principle, & Right Speech...


The 8 Sabbaths, is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals consisting of the year's solstices and equinoxes and the midpoints (cross quarter days). They are marker points to help remind us we are part of nature, mother earth AND the cosmos. The 7 Universal Principles helps the thinking mind and the intuitive mind ground and create from a more conscious awareness of time, space, dimensions, consequences and how the cosmos works. The Noble Eightfold Path is a practical tool to implement and assist in living a healthier, happier life in the physical/material world of everyday living with a greater innerstanding of how to live your life.

There are many paths on the spiritual healing journey. No one way is wrong and no one is right. Hence Mystic Pathways.

An Initiate's Path has been my practice and will continue to be my practice with deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks for all the teachers, guides and initiates before me, with me and after me.

And So It Begins....

“Sabbaths” -

Also known as the Wheel of the Year, is not only a spiritual practice but a practical practice that connects you back in with nature, earth and the age old cycle of seasons.

The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals, consisting of the year's main solar events and the midpoints between them. Solstices and Equinoxes are the main solar events and the midpoints or cross quarter days are the start of the seasons and begin midway point between the solstices and the equinoxes.

Please note these Sabbaths are relative to living in the southern hemisphere. For the norther hemisphere they need to be swapped.

As this is a natural calendar, the Wheel of the Year does not begin on the 1st January, but rather the beginning of Winter and flows from there. To find the exact date the solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days will fall on, besides the traditional days, please check this link for details:

"The Kybalion.” -

“The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open” The Kybalion, is a study of the Hermetic Philosophy. “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding” – The Kybalion.

Studying and applying the 7 Principles of the Hermetic Philosophy is like comprehending the Universe at a sub atomic level. The Laws behind the Principles help us to walk through life forewarned. It is a guide on how to change at a fundamental level, not just a surface level. The alchemical process of change, the transmutation of matter.

The Seven Hermetic Principles, upon which the entire Hermetic Philosophy is based, are as follows: The Principle of Mentalism, The Principle of Correspondence, The Principle of Vibration, The Principle of Polarity, The Principle of Rhythm, The Principle of Cause and Effect, The Principle of Gender.

“The Noble Eightfold Path” -

The Buddhist Path for the Cessation of Suffering, and the fourth of The Four Noble Truths. The application guide for living a spiritually purposeful life. The Eightfold Path, although referred to as steps on a path, is not meant as a sequential learning process, but as eight aspects of life, all of which are to be integrated in every day life.

The Eightfold path consists of Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.

August 1st

Spring / Imbolc

Correspondence Principle

Right Speech

This Sabbath:

Spring / Imbolc

From the deep dark depths of winter, we have slowly turned towards the light, and we can now start to sense the changes with-in and with-out.

The sun is beginning his journey back to stand high and bright in the vast scope of the sky. And although August can still be a bitterly cold month, there are strong signs that spring is merging from beneath the dark fold of winter. The day light hours are getting longer and the night light hours are getting shorter.

1st/2nd August is Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere and is the earliest of the traditional spring celebrations. It marks the cross quarter day, midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox. It also marks six weeks since we celebrated Winter Solstice which helped set the scene for planting dreams seeds. And right now, at this moment, it is ripe for getting clear on what those dream seeds of change you will plant.

The emphasis cannot be strong enough now on what you sow, so shall you reap both physically and metaphorically. So, what do you want to reap come harvest time?

When we are in sync with nature and the cycles of life, aware of the subtle energies and influences and spiritually speaking, that last 6 weeks were about letting go of any residual negative beliefs, any last-ditch efforts of resistance. If that ‘work’ has been done on the subtle levels of your psyche, then the soil is prepped and ready for enriching, so those seeds of change sprout.

This is a powerful time to realise that all dream seeds have the potential to create or destroy. Does not a new positive belief destroy an old out-dated negative belief? Where there is a beginning, there is always an ending of some sort.

So use this time to ride the great cosmic wave to see that which needs seeing, clearing the way for greater awareness and reconnecting to our inner source to create powerful, positive change.

The Kybalion:

The Principle of Correspondence

“As above, so below: as below, so above” – The Kybalion.

The dictionary meaning of correspondence is such:

  1. a close similarity, connection, or equivalence

  2. communication by exchanging letters, emails, or other messages

“The Principal of Correspondence embodies the truth that there is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life.”

It reminds us of the importance of manifestation and the results of our intents. It reminds us that whatever we do in the physical/material plane has knock-on effects in all the other planes, ie: mental, emotional, spiritual as examples. It reminds us that through links we cannot see physically it communicates what we think, feel, see and do to all the other planes and principles.

Imbolc is the time of gestating your dream seeds… the time to prepare for growth and renewal. A time to dream that which you wish to make manifest on the physical/material plane whether that be material, intellectual, emotional or spiritual.

Powerful, intense, challenging, liberating to say the least...

Remember also, it is the time full of potential as we make our way out of winter... Intent everyone... your intent is what will manifest in times yet to come.

What will be your echo, your vibration, your influence from these dream seeds you will plant?

Where is the love? Where is the love in your intent... the unconditional love for creation, humanity, community and self?

So much hypocrisy in world, the political spin is out of control so it's no wonder... in fairness man has been led by deceit for centuries but when faced with such corruption do you try and fit in to it? Or do you stand, step up, be brave, be scared, be courageous, be true?

We need change and the seeds you plan to plant... will they perpetuate or create new ways? not just for you but for all of us?

The Noble Eightfold Path:

Right Speech

The Buddhist Path for the Cessation of Suffering, and the fourth of The Four Noble Truths. The application guide for living a spiritually purposeful life. The Eightfold Path, although referred to as steps on a path, is not meant as a sequential learning process, but as eight aspects of life, all of which are to be integrated in every day life.

The Eightfold path consists of Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.

Seeing the 8 Rights as a guiding light along the path to self-mastery. As a tool to remind us to come back into balance, knowing and direction.

Right Speech is the next step of the Path.

We tend to underestimate the power of the spoken word, and often regret words said in haste. Each of us has experienced the disappointment associated with harsh criticism, whether justified or not, and we also are likely to have felt good when kind words encouraged us.

Right Speech is also appreciating the frequency and vibration of our words, that which we speak out loud and that which we speak to ourselves has far more reaching effects than just what our ears hear. How often have you heard pleasing words yet the energy behind them were more unpleasant? So it is not just the words that we speak but also the intent and energy behind that which we speak.

Right speech involves recognition of the truth, and also an awareness of the impact of idle gossip and of repeating rumours. Communicating thoughtfully helps to unite others, and can heal dissension. By resolving never to speak unkindly, or in anger, a spirit of consideration evolves which moves us closer to everyday compassionate living. Being mindful of our inner words and external words assists in getting to know ourselves even deeper and the opportunity for healing, reconciling and re-wording.

Weaving them all together...

Imbolc is the first of the Spring celebrations and nudges us awake from our winter slumber that soon the earth will start to warm ready for planting seeds. Imbolc, the reminder the time has come to begin. The dreaming through the void of winter has led us to where we are now. Are you ready to begin the first steps towards your dream?

Correspondence reminds us that every though, action and deed has a corresponding reaction on all other planes, that eventually will find it's way back to us.

Right Speech assists to remind us not only for this Sabbath, practice and Soul Star Crafting, but as a practice for the initiate's path and self-mastery we are dreaming to manifest. It serves as a reminder of what we verbalise has ongoing ramifications and consequences.

Begin to create a practice each day of looking in the mirror and telling yourself one positive affirmation, an affirmation for one other and an affirmation for the all beings & planes of existence.


Mim WhiteWind

Links to further your study and knowledge:

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