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February 2024 ~ Tarot, Flower, Crystal and Spirit Animal


In sharing the meaning and changes of the Months, it is my hope that it plants seeds of awareness, that the calendar we currently live by is only a marking tool for mankind. It is not a true reflection of our planets natural calendar. Remember we are part of nature not apart from nature.

I am curious, did you know February was once the LAST month of the Roman calendar? Whereas now it is the second month of the Gregorian calendar?

It is named after Februalia, the Roman festival of purification.

Having only 28 days in common years, it is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon. This alone keeps us out of sync with nature! It is also the only month of the calendar that once every 6 years and twice every 11 years, will have only four full 7 day weeks.

Welcome to February 2024

February is the beginning of the Harvest Season... Autumn. Not by man's Gregorian calendar but by the tilt of the earth and her rotation around the sun.

Since this is a time of beginning and an awareness that Summer is ending, you may like to spend some time acknowledging this turning point of the year… where by letting go (harvesting) we receive (reaping).

February to May is Harvest, but I wonder what will be harvested! both literally and metaphysically. Look at what has risen in your world. It may not be what you envisioned, but then again maybe it actually is, just not in the form or way your imagined….

What were your prayers exactly?

And with harvest season now just around the corner, what will be your gain and what will be your loss? What was the cause that now you see the effect?




2 of Wands - February Tarot

Wands in General:

Key word: Creative

Element: Fire

Plane: Spiritual

Area: Career/Work

The symbol of the Wand is related to the Staff of the Magician, who through the mysterious power of the IMAGINATION can conjure things into being and perceive connections which the ordinary mind cannot.

Wands are the conception or ‘seeds’ through which the tree springs forth. They are the original thought, intention or primary element of growth.

Wands is associated with VISION and INTUITION, the action of the WILL and the element of FIRE. This in turn is linked to the world of creative visualisation, imagination & fantasy.

2 of Wands ~ Planning, A Goal or Project, Formulating a New Idea

Formulation of a new aim, idea, goal or creative project. Courage to take up a new idea or opportunity with enthusiasm.

You may need to re-evaluate your career and decide where to go from here.

Depression changing into something better. Optimism. Faith in a new venture. However due to the duality of ‘two’ we may be at odds with ourselves, or there may be inner conflict to resolve.


Twos of any suit are often about balance. It will be important for you to keep your balance in every way that you can - even to the mundane, boring things like eating right and getting enough rest.


In general the 2 of Wands reminds us to stay mindful of the give-and-take required for all successful relationships. If things are feeling "out of balance" for you in general now, know that they are about to get substantially better.


You're about to fit things together in new or unusual ways. Work is about to get a lot smoother. Don't let anyone knock you off your stride. You're more together and balanced than you might realize, work-wise.


If you're already in a relationship, it's about to get a lot more equal. Pay attention to your ideas about equality and balance and share them. If you're looking for love, someone who could be very good for you is already likely part of your life. Don't judge a book by its cover. If someone is interested in you, give them a chance. This relationship could be just what you're looking for.


Your income and outgoing is moving toward a better state of balance. The 2 of Wands indicates fairness and equality, don't hesitate to ask for what you are truly due or worth. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by how much you can improve your financial situation.


The theme of balance particularly holds true for this card in terms of health. Energy work aimed at balancing your chakras and/or your body/mind/spirit is particularly effective and helpful health wise now. Are you paying adequate attention to all three? If not, now's the time. The benefits are far greater than any effort you can put out. Your health is most likely in better shape than you fear.


A spiritual partnership with just one other person may be greatly beneficial to you now. Remember too that you are also always spiritually in partnership with yourself as well. Remember to take time and space to care well for yourself spiritually and emotionally. This is an essential ingredient to having spiritually successful relationships with others. Start with yourself.

Violet - February Flower

Truth And Loyalty

The violet has a sweet, dependable fragrance and symbolizes truth and loyalty. The fragrance of violet is the same regardless of where the plant is being grown. The plant can be identified by scent alone.


The flower conveys the meaning of modesty, spiritual wisdom, and humility. The flower heads are small and bowed down and appear to be very modest and humble. The petite plant symbolizes spiritual wisdom with its bowed head and purple bloom colour.


This faithful blooming plant is named after its purple petals and matches February’s purple birthstone, the amethyst. The meaning of amethyst is serenity, understanding, trust, and grace and the purple colour of the violet symbolizes those things as well.


The small flower symbolized the innocence of the Virgin Mary in Bible times. Violets continued to convey innocence during the Victorian days and Renaissance, and still continue to symbolize that in our modern-day society.


The color purple has always been associated with royalty. It also symbolizes confidence and spiritual association.

Everlasting Love

Violets symbolize an everlasting love that will never be forgotten. Just as the tiny plant returns year after year to faithfully display its purple blooms, it continues to grow and spread each new year. The love between two people will is symbolically like the violet – it will continue to grow and spread without ever ending.


The small purple flower also symbolizes faith, spirituality, and mysticism. The flower is connected to amethyst crystals and is a symbol of faith in some ceremonies.

Violets are sometimes called the Herb of the Trinity because they have three flower petals and three primary colours.

Amethyst - February Birth Stone

Mind: Calms, bestows strength and invigoration. Gives clarity of thought. Provides a sense of common sense.

Body: Helps one to sleep. Strengthens immune system. Has strong protective qualities. Used in hearing disorders.

Spirit: Excellent for meditation. Enhances psychic abilities and intuition. Amethyst also helps alleviate headaches.

Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotions. It is a semi-precious stone in today’s classifications, but to the ancients, it was a “Gem of Fire"; a Precious Stone worth, at times in history, as much as a Diamond.

Amethyst has always been associated with February, the month the Romans dedicated to Neptune, their water god. Therefore, it should be no surprise that it is the traditional birthstone of that month. It is the stone of St. Valentine and faithful love and signifies ecclesiastical dignity as the Bishop’s Stone. It carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality; yet bears the logic of temperance and sobriety.

Emu - February Spirit Animal

Key words: Spiritual Excellence/Shamanism Male sacrifice/Stone Magic

Emu is a powerful teacher and guide. It promotes spiritual excellence and achievement by encouraging diligence, hard work, respect and humility in the lives of those it visits. Emu demands great application of time, energy and love to all spiritual pursuits and can guide those who seek knowledge down paths of wisdom.

Emu is an excellent guide for those interested in shamanic pursuits and techniques. It is one of a few animal guides that is very powerful for shamans, or those who simply strive for brilliance in all that they do. Emu guide can be quite stern, and is a custodian of societal law. When emu appears in your life, it is time to apply some mettle and hard work to your situation. Emu doesn't permit laziness, and emu energy is not very relaxing or soothing.

On a more 'everyday' level, the presence of emu can warn against themes of infidelity, adultery or concepts relating to 'cheating'. It may be something which has occurred, or that you worry about. Emu reminds us that infidelity is not, like many events that we judge, either 'good' or 'bad.' As with many things, it can have healthy and unhealthy consequences.

Emu is a strong guide for men. Emu teaches about fatherhood and paternity, and also male sacrifice. Emu teaches men how to embrace their masculinity in a positive, healthful way; to not repress themselves, but to also remain strong. Emu also teaches men-focused lessons, and in Indigenous mythologies was a custodian of men-only rituals / initiations. This strong teacher is also a powerful role-model for positive, sacrificial fatherhood. The emu gives up a great deal to raise his offspring, but in giving away his energy, he nourishes much more than himself, and brings future lives into existence.

The Shadow Aspects:

Those who fear or dislike emu may find that wish for excellence and achievement, yet consistently neglect to put any work into their endeavours. They might be all talk, no action. They might mean well at the beginning, but get distracted. Emu tells you to focus! Connect with spirituality as a source of energy and commit yourself to something. You only find excellence and achievement if you work, and work hard.

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