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January 2024 ~ Tarot, Flower, Crystal and Spirit Animal

The strange thing about January, is in its origins.

Did you know according to history January had 29 days, until Julius when it became 31 days long.

In latin January, Januarius means month of Janus.

Janus is the Roman god of gates and doorways, depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions. Which enables him to look back into the year that was and forward into the new year.

May we take what lessons we experienced in the past year and create powerful positive, empowering foundations for the year to come.

Welcome to January 2024

Welcome to a new month in a new Gregorian calendar year... January 2024

I find this time of the year, any year, to be a month of transition. Not quite here in 2024 but definitely not still in 2023!!!

So I tend to use this month, to enjoy the summer season, the chance to be out and about, to self reflect and tune into the energies bubbling beneath the surface.

The beginning of new cycle for me does not begin till 1st May, the beginning of Winter. So being the 1st month of a new calendar year, I use this month to check in and see where I am in my cycle. I go back over the intentions I set back then, to correct or hone my focus back into what it was I was intent on healing, creating, manifesting, servicing, sharing and caring into the world.

Whatever your intent, or wherever you are in your '12' month cycle, now is a good time to reinforce, recommit or reintroduce those goals, dreams or aspirations.




5 Swords - January Tarot

Swords in General:

Key word: Rational

Element: Air

Plane: Mental

Area: Thoughts

The Sword with its double cutting edge is a fitting image for the ambivalent power of the mind, which can penetrate the darkest and most incomprehensible objects and situations with its keenness, yet which can also cut and wound and sever with its inflexible edge.

With the suit of Swords, think of ACTION, because Swords are the act.

Swords often indicate struggle, because of the difficulties man has to move through in order to turn a THOUGHT into a reality, ACTION.

The key words for Swords are ACTION, MOVEMENT, STRUGGLE, and KEENNESS.

5 Swords ~ Facing up to Limitations, Swallowing Pride, Defeat

This card represents arguments and hostility and perhaps being on the receiving end of someone’s cruelty or vindictiveness. Do not retaliate but back off and admit defeat.

Time to accept the reality of things. Swallow your pride. Forcing things will only backfire.

Something has gone drastically wrong. Have taken on too much. Caution signing new documents. Unrealistic expectations of self & others.

Carnation - January Flower


Carnation flower is a symbol of distinction and making yourself unique in the sea of people who are all the same. This beautiful flower stands out from the crowd with its bright colors and beautiful sent, and can’t ever be regular or ordinary in the eyes of people.


Carnation flower is also a symbol of love and romance. This flower is often gifted to the people we love and many see it as a perfect gift for a partner. They come in various bright colors and each one of them expresses our deepest and most valuable emotions.


Carnation flower is also a symbol of affection and it is often gifted as a sign of exactly this. When you want to tell someone that you are in love with them or you simply care deeply for them, carnation flower is going to send that message successfully.

Garnet - January Birth Stone

Mind: enhances imagination and memory. Extracts negative energy and transforms it to a positive state.

Body: Purifies blood, stimulates the pituitary gland, energises the body with vitality.

Spirit: Develops love, compassion, patience. This is a stone of commitment to purpose, to others, to self.

Garnet also stimulates both the base and crown chakras to provide the free flow of energy.

Goanna - January Spirit Animal

Key words:

Protection/Inner Guidance/Initiation

It may be important at this time to teach others how to protect themselves. Are there people around you who could benefit from your skills? Is there someone who needs to learn how to fight for themselves? You have acquired abilities in self-protection that could benefit others.

Goanna highlights all lessons relating to strength, both inner and outer. Goanna reminds us that we are strong not only when we protect and defend ourselves, but also when we show the courage to face our own emotions and to share them with others in our community.

Goanna teaches the benefits of shamanic journeying, embracing altered states of consciousness (including visualisation and dreamwork). Goanna is a good guide animal or guide for those interested in mystical states and experiences.

The Shadow Aspects:

Goanna comes into our lives as a shadow energy to challenge our pridefulness and egoism. It is time to take a step back and criticise ourselves and our work in an honest and rational manner. Pride must be balanced with a sense of humility and respect for all.

Goanna's shadow aspect suggests that we may be visualising, dreaming and imagining too much. The shadow aspect of goanna often cautions against excesses, and when we spend too much time journeying, dreaming, imagining and creating images in our head, we forget to see reality for what it really is, and experience life in all its visceral splendour. Take a step out of your visions and dreams for a moment, and ground yourself in the real world at this time in your life.

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