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July 2024 ~ Tarot, Flower, Crystal and Spirit Animal


In sharing the meaning and changes of the Months, it is my hope that it plants seeds of awareness, that the calendar we currently live by is only a marking tool for mankind. It is not a true reflection of our planets natural calendar. Remember we are part of nature not apart from nature.

July is the seventh month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. July has always had 31 days.

Julius is one of the Latin names for July, the month of Julius Caesar, which he declared when he reformed the calendar in 44 - 46 B.C. as it was his month of birth. However, it used to be called “Quintilis” because it was originally the fifth month in the ancient calendar. This month has had 31 days since the beginning.

Welcome to July 2023

With the first half of the year over, we now enter into the second half of 2024…

Throughout this year the energies have been running high with planetary alignments & movements, eclipses, solar flares, old ways of being not working anymore, old patterns becoming beyond dysfunctional, economic crises, relationship issues. And when it ‘appears’ your whole world is crashing down, what do you do?

You breathe… and I mean breathe, not those short shallow breaths most people aren’t even aware they take, but long deep purposeful breaths.

You reach out… don’t sit at home and hope that someone realises that you are down. Pick up the phone and let someone know what is happening.

You meditate… try different styles till the one that resonates with you strikes a chord.

You try something new or different… And as hard as that may seem, do something that stretches your comfort zone. The more we stay in our comfort zone the more we become stuck and our actual comfort zone shrinks. By stretching it even just a little, you break through part of that ‘fear barrier’ and a new sense of confidence is found.

These are interesting, challenging, awakening, beautiful and enlightening times we are living in and know that you are not alone.

8 Pentacles - July Tarot

Key word: Money

Element: Earth

Plane: Physical

Area: Finances

The symbol of the Pentacle is the gold coin which bears the five-pointed star of Hermes, God of Magic, Merchants and the business deal ~ meaning MONEY.

Pentacles represent worldly status, physical well-being and financial security.

When Pentacles appear think of MANIFESTATION, because Pentacles are the fruits of one’s labour, the culmination of the first three ingredients, the end RESULT or fruition.

The key words for Pentacles are: MANIFESTATION, REALISATION, PROOF, and PROSPERITY.

Eight ~ Craftsmanship, Discovery of New Talent, Development of Skills

This card indicates an ability that needs to be developed in order to reach its full potential.

Approach situations like a skilled craftsperson would, study, learn & attend to all details with love and skill and avoid perfectionism.

You are able to get pleasure from what you are doing, whether it is work or a hobby. May indicate going back to study at a stage in your life when you would not normally expect to change directions.

Introduction: Can indicate a period of very hard work. This does not have to be a negative thing, but you must be prepared for it. Think about what it is that you are working for. This work can be personal or professional. Be prepared to ask for help if you need it.

General: : In general points to necessary efforts. You will have a lot on your plate that you must accomplish. Dedication to the tasks at hand is important (and admirable,) but working for its own sake can be counterproductive. Be clear on what you are trying to accomplish. Strive for balance.

Work: Have faith in yourself, that you can do what is needed to be successful in the position. If you are currently working, you may be saddled with far more responsibility and tasks than can be accomplished well. Don't hesitate to request assistance from supervisors with prioritising.

Love: Your workload or that of your partner may be interfering with the relationship. If you are looking for love, you are actually too focused on money and what you do for a living to really create space in your life for a new relationship. Consider your priorities.

Finances: You may receive financial assistance that you have been waiting for or hoping for. However, you don't want to squander these resources. Be cautious and circumspect. Think long-term. This is not a time to gamble. Money coming to you now comes as a result of work, not luck.

Health: You may need to take action in order to improve your health status. Even if you are paralysed from the neck down, there are things that you can actively do to help yourself, think about what these things might be, and then follow through. Every action makes a difference.

Spirituality: Consider the spiritual aspect of life with regard to your working life whether or not you work at a traditional job. Why are you doing what  you are doing? What growth are you creating? You will benefit from actively reading more about spirituality and talking with those who come from belief systems other than your own. Be open, and you will benefit.

Water Lily - July Flower

In general, the water lily symbolises purity and majesty. Water Lily also represents eternity, beauty and divinity.

Besides being extraordinarily beautiful, water lilies play an important role in the ecosystem. For one, they provide food to fish and wildlife, and second, they reduce algae growth by providing shade. Lastly, they filter the water in which they grow.

The name Nymphaeaceae (botanical name) is derived from the Greek legend that purports that nymphs are the protectors of water lilies. An Egyptian legend tells of a blue water lily that was used to create the first gods.

The water lily has been known to have medicinal properties and is commonly used to treat inflammations, aches, insomnia, and anxiety. In some cases, it was also used as an aphrodisiac.

Resurrection/Rebirth: This symbolism is based on the fact that the flowers open and close each day.

Enlightenment: These beautiful blooms emerge from dirty waters, yet they stand out in terms of beauty, fragrance, and importance.

Ruby - July Birth Stone

Mind: Ruby allows the sharing of loving energy despite past hurts, bringing up anger or negative energy for transmutation. It gives the strength to rise from martyrdom and choose whether or not to dwell in anguish, distress, or suffering, and encourages a positive and more courageous state of mind.

Body: Strengthens and stimulates the card the cardiovascular system. Beneficial for the reproductive organs. Useful in detoxifying the body, blood, and lymph, and is helpful in treating fever and infections. It stimulates the adrenals, kidneys and spleen.

Spirit: Ruby signifies light to the darkness of one’s life. It encourages “following your bliss,” teaching one to enjoy being in the physical world and perceiving the spiritual energy that exists throughout the realm of matter. It offers lessons in mastering the transformation of thought and intent into physical manifestation in order to change one’s world.

Wear or carry Ruby to overcome exhaustion and lethargy. It stimulates circulation and amplifies energy and vitality to the whole system. However, those who are highly sensitive or irritable may find this stone over-stimulating or uncomfortable to wear. Ruby has been known to calm hyperactivity in some individuals.

Ruby is an aphrodisiac, allowing one to experience all forms of love, from wild sensuality to mystical communion. It deepens a couple’s relationship and encourages closeness and commitment.

Ruby’s intense energy sharpens the mind, bringing a heightened awareness and excellent concentration. It promotes a courageous attitude, and may increase one’s success in controversies and disputes.

Ruby helps reduce fear of the paranormal and evil. It banishes nightmares, and guards against psychic and psychological attack. It is a shielding crystal, protecting the home from fire and intruders, and is good to wear discreetly to stay safe at night.

Koala - July Spirit Animal

Key word for Koala is Dependence.

Koala teaches that too much dependence on something or someone can be destructive. Addictions, dependence on a partner, or family member, can all do us a great deal of emotional, physical and spiritual harm. Koala teaches us how to find our way from destructive co-dependence, to interdependence where we both understand that we need others, but also can be self-sufficient if necessary.

Koala energy is a wonderful energy for people who work too hard, or find it difficult to 'relax.' Koala energy is the embodiment of positive laziness, of taking a day off to literally do nothing, and to appreciate the value of doing just that. Koala energy - when embraced fully - can help us to sleep well, meditate more thoroughly and most importantly; conserve energy.

On the downside, koala energy can also represent the other extreme of 'relaxation', and come into our lives to caution against slothful behaviour. If we refuse to learn new patterns of being, we experience a form of slowing down, going backwards. Our spirits, emotional state, physical body etc. all become prey to retardation.

We too must learn the joy and nourishment to be found in leaving our 'mark' on the world around us. Koala energy is also the energy of tree magic and tree worship. Find a forest, plant a tree, introduce tree-based 'foods' into your diet, involve trees and tree spirits in your life.

Koala Bear Key Words:

  • Dependence

  • Destructive co-dependence

  • Tree magic and tree worship

  • Getting a detached view on life

  • Laziness

  • Take a day off

  • Sleeping well

  • Moving slowly

  • Meditation

  • Conserve energy

  • Sterility

  • Retardation

  • Leaving your fingerprint in the world

The Shadow Aspects:

You may judge others for their laziness and procrastination without seeing the wisdom in taking things slow. You find it difficult, even distasteful, to take days off, spend money pampering yourself or look after yourself. Yet you might be pushing yourself into chronic illness.

You may also have issues with needing others, and dependence, yet your independence and very resistance to dependence is causing unhealthy habits and beliefs within your life.

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