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WhiteWind ~ A Spirited Life | Module 1 Nut Cracker | Magic ~ Space is not empty

The Sisterhood of the Light 20240204

- downloadable and printable pdf of A Spirited Life - the complete programme & Module 1 The Nut Cracker

A Virus Called Fear | Documentary on the Psychology of Fear

~ a short documentary to understand a different perspective on fear and how fear is perpetuated in today’s society and cultural conditioning.

~ a documentary exposing the food industry and how conditioned we are to eat without thinking.

~ a very short inspiriting film in which Jim Carrey shares his perspectives on life.


I Need Your Love – Is That True? By Byron Katie

~ Helpful tools to question your beliefs around love and self identity and how they may not be true and how to shift to healthier habits and beliefs.

Journaling Practice:

Grateful Acknowledgements

~ Every day journal what you are grateful for either in general, something from that day, personal or collective.

Learning to define and acknowledge gratitude assists in bringing your awareness to the positive aspects of your life thus shifting your mindset.

Nutritional Evaluations

~ Every day journal foods you buy continually and journal the ingredients

Learning to identify what you are buying by researching any ingredients you don’t actually know what they are.

Spiritual Recognitions

~ Every day journal your beliefs around spirituality, mundane every day life, cultural conditioning, social constructs

Learning to identify what your beliefs are assists in giving you a glimpse into your psyche, learning where each originated from – personal, ancestral, collective

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