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When we learn about our values and principles, boundaries become a necessity.

Boundaries are vital for self care, self respect, self trust and therefore self love and self mastery.

And boundaries are a very personal thing and not all people are boundaried the same way.

Others may not even understand your boundaries, and that's ok, they don't have to!

And some people are so loose with their own boundaries there aren't any boundaries at all.

And other people will react to your boundaries in a very negative, reactive way, and that's ok too. Free will and choice after all.

But if you are stiff, rigid, hard, armoured up against the world with your boundaries then that suggests your boundaries are coming from a space of defensiveness, fear and/or judgement. We are then more likely to break, crumble, crack or clash. We will butt up against, smash into, spike, poke or end up creating more friction and drama. Argument or flare ups will usually ensue.

Realising that your boundaries are what give you the sense of security and safety to live by and to also to help you live by your values and purpose. You now become the priority from a space of love and care.

Soft and gooey was the message from spirit!

So when learning and finding the edges to your boundaries you can keep the seal no matter the situation and still remain soft and open, fluid and flowing.

That does not mean the seal of your boundary is compromised. If you are more fluid with your energy you can still keep the integrity of your boundaries, and you will tend to flow through dramas, or differences with ease and grace. You will slide better through life never loosing integrity or the seal to your boundaries. Flowing around and in between people, situations, experiences, scenarios easier, faster and stronger.

You become more resilient, more accepting of diversity, more aware of the differences in the world while your boundaries remain intact.

Granting you the peace and serenity in your world so the space you hold vibrates to a higher frequency.

So much love.



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