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Soul Star Crafting

just the crafting

For the full in-depth experience as a practice then please click the link below

to take you to An Initiate's Path where it will guide you through the

Soul Star Crafting Home Practice.

Crafting Individually



These Direction Stones may be used as conduits for the directions, for protection, direction and clarity.

Seeding a New BluePrint

With Metatron's Cube there is deep within its design, the seed of life, the flower of life and the fruit of life.

Prickly Protection Pot

Create a protection talisman utilising the essence, energy and structure of the cactus ~ San Pedro


of the Sea

Working Rosemary Seedlings to create a potent healing talisman utilising the essence, energy of the Dew of the Sea.


The eyes are the mirrors to the Soul, and mirror work gives you direct access to this core part of your being.

Soul Star

The protective powers of talismans are numerous and  function as a conduit for divine protection

Feather Blessing

Crafting feathers as a conduit of prayers to pour and beam your prayers to the cosmos and to the field of infinite potential.

Willow Web Weaving

Weaving our sacred feminine and sacred masculine together acknowledging and invisioning  our two sides in harmony.

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