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I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of hours with Meredith.


She cared for me with a reading; a healing and a sound bath. Meredith is an experienced practitioner.


Her readings are spot on and insightful.


The healing was amazing, relaxing and restful. She has a power in her hands that is nothing less than healing: you literally feel the heat and power coming from her palms when she is working!


This was the first time I had ever experienced a sound bath and I will be back for more!! The sound seems to penetrate every inch of your body, radiating around it with the beautiful tones and absorbed into your body. I loved it!! Meredith has many different instruments that she uses and each one has an amazing tonal sound that your body just seems to intuitively communicate with - it absorbs it and it dives deep into every tissue, organ and breath. If you haven't had a sound bath, I highly recommend it.


Meredith has been doing this work for a long time and it shows!


She has a genuine empathy and a deep connection to the earth and its beauty and she shares this wisdom with her readings and healings.


I leave her beautiful location deep in the bush at Kulnura feeling relaxed and refreshed. I have felt much lighter for a week now - not as if I'm not grounded but just happier and more content with my life.


Thanks Mim!

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