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Acceptance of a Situation...

Firstly 'acceptance of a situation' requires becoming aware there is or was a situation.

And becoming aware is what can take the longest time to come to!

For our blindspots not only blind us to some other peoples patterns or 'situations', they also blind us to our own patterns and 'situations'.

We are blind to our own patterns and situations usually out of ignorance, arrogance, fear, narcissism or thoughts paralysed in a victim mindset going over and over the pattern or situation but not seeing it. Bit like not seeing the forest for the trees.

How long does one sit in an unbalanced, uncomfortable, traumatic or abusive experience before they realise 'I' need to do something different to get a different outcome?

Nearly everyone I have ever spoken too, including me, has tended to sit for long periods of time in 'patterns' or 'situations' before even realising I/they were in a situation. That's how clever that thinking mind has become, believing its false narrative and bs guidance. More on that later.

So it's no wonder that accepting a situation takes the longest. We fight accepting it. We don't want to admit we are in a pattern or situation. We don't even want to know we are either. Because that means admitting to another bad choice, another poor decision, another mistake, another I f*C&ed up again. And how many times have you wanted to make it all about the other person or thing, before you realised your role in the pattern or situation as well?

Yet the moment we do, the moment the blinkers are removed and the blindspots revealed, we know the energy shifts.

The moment that light bulb flashes its brilliant light onto the reality and truth of the pattern or situation, is meant to be a game changer!

When we can finally see that we are in a pattern or situation, it is at that moment we seek solutions or corrections.

It is in the deep accepting that we will no longer struggle. It is in the full awareness of the truth of the matter that there is a certain levelling off, a slow grinding halt of trying to make it to be something it is not.

Once that dawning moment arrives you have a choice. To keep repeating and staying stuck. Or be courageous, adventurous or mature enough to do/be something different.

When we let go of the struggle with a pattern or situation, we create a gap, even if it's a sliver of a gap, to interrupt the usual experience and the more you lean into that gap, the greater the opportunity for something to change.

The pause in time created by resting from struggling can also be breather you create to allow the rational mind to kick in.

Side Note:

The Rational Mind ~ In my own experience I have found that the left thinking brain, which is the brain that helps us literally experience the physical/material dimension, while the right intuitive brain assists us to interface and have experiences with the unseen aspects of the physical/material dimension.

Rational thinking for me is the incorporation of all the 4 minds and more, the left thinking brain, the right intuitive brain, the heart mind and the gut mind. The left thinking brain has become corrupted, retarded and marred, it can't help but not be. It is programmeable so we may function on auto pilot without having to learn simple tasks such as walking each and every day. But we know that what is programmeable is also corruptible by the quality and quantity of the input. And sadly the quality has decreased but the quantity has increased.

So we absolutely need to practice quietening the voice that whispers the same words over and over that keeps you from hearing the truth, reality and the role we play.

We absolutely need to practice removing the blinkers of our perspectives so we may see the truth, reality and role we are playing.

We absolutely need to listen to that quiet voice, that softly spoken yet empowering voice, trying to encourage you to do something different.

We absolutely need to start seeing our own behaviours, actions and deeds to see the truth, reality and role we are playing.

And then, if you truly desire it, you will begin to change the pattern and/or situation. You can't move on until you do.

So much love.

Mim WhiteWind, The Autistic Mystic


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