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Don't worry so much about other peoples patterns...

It's too easy to see each other's blindspot...

Worry about your own patterns and blindspots...

And those that think they don't have patterns or blindspots tend to have the most.

One of the best tools, besides the feedback loop from other people and your actual experiences, is self-reflection...

By listening and observing your thoughts, this plants the first seed ~ Self-Reflection.

Self Reflection

- self exploration & self observation, try meditation

Self-reflection in the dictionary means: serious thought about one's character and actions…

So that you may become aware of your thoughts that make up your character and actions. For it all begins with a thought first.

Without self-reflection how do you get to know who you are behind your ‘auto-pilot’?

The first and one of the simplest, easiest and FREE tools towards self-mastery is to meditate.

I don’t mean to sit in lotus position and chant ohm’s or mantras to drown your thoughts out.

But to sit in quiet contemplation to actually hear, and acknowledge your thoughts.

This is the practice of sitting quietly, without distractions to not only calm and slow your body down, but to also calm and slow your thoughts down long enough so that you can start to observe them.

This is not about judging or criticising yourself as you become aware of what you actually think. This step is to start the practice of self-observation, so you can begin to get to know why you do the things you do, say the things you say and believe the thoughts that you believe,

There are many different types of meditation, this style of meditation is best done with a book/journal/pad and pen beside you. Then as your thoughts arise you write them down. No matter what that thought may be.

Two of the most golden opportunities to listen to your thoughts are:

When you are rising up out of sleep, and

When you are drifting off to sleep.

A good idea is then to keep a pad and pen beside your bed and jot down those thoughts.

By becoming consciously aware of your thoughts, this plants the second seed ~ Self-Awareness.

So much love.



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