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Letting Go...

It feels like months not weeks since I last sat and typed out tools for Self Mastery and it is no wonder. So much has happened since I last shared. Since then, new tools were gathered, new knowledge was gleaned, and new skills were realised.

And throughout this last month, during all the trials and tribulations, tears and joys, laughter and angst, bliss and tension it has become more increasingly obvious to me that we all need to ‘let go’ of so much more.

Letting go does not happen overnight unfortunately, as most of our beliefs, thought patterns, behaviours etc. have been years, decades even, in the making. They are so entrenched that we are not even aware of what they look like, sound like or feel like. But you will know when something needs to be let go of, by how it is making you feel NOW.

On one hand, accepting ‘what is’ is a given. When you think about it, ‘What is’ – which is the reality of any given moment – cannot be otherwise. It is when we resist what is, that creates the suffering, so why do we struggle to face things as they are and let go? Mainly because we are stuck in the past or the future and not in the moment, what I call the now NOW. However acceptance to let go, does not mean resignation, not at all, it is an invitation to dig deeper. That is where we can strike riches, hidden gems and pearls of wisdom. Beneath appearances lays a more subtle level of reality. It is like looking at someone’s face and seeing the story that goes with it.

I remember over a decade ago wondering how to let go of something that was causing me angst and anguish. Since then, one of the steps I have learnt is to ‘Accept What Is’. Beginning the process of letting go, requires us to accept what is as they are. Not as they are NOT, things not as we hope they are, what we wish them to be, pretend that they are, or pray they may be. And this takes practice and understanding! It takes time to shift how you look at things. It needs practice to see things from an outside perspective, to see things from a more logical way of viewing the current challenge. To see the truth in the situation, experience or person takes a conscious effort. Accepting What Is gives you the breathing room to dig a bit deeper to see the truth and to find solutions.

Being ok with ‘what is’ frees us to imagine even better outcomes and things to come. And everything is precious once we know how to look! Studies show that vividly imaging an outcome and actually achieving it are pretty much the same to the brain.

Set an intention to ‘accept what is’ – then decide if you should, or even can, change ‘what it is’. When you cannot change it, look for a deeper meaning. Dig a bit deeper to reach those riches to bring true awareness to the struggle to let the resistance go, so you are able to accept things as they are to be able to let go. When you see you can change it, then act on it.

There are so many tools for us to use to help us dig deeper, tools and wisdom that enable us to loosen the grip. Teachings that show us how to release the resistance to accepting things as they truly are. Once we stop battling the past, the future, the resistance, we hit pause! We can bring openings to view solutions to any suffering. We can also find solutions to remedy and repair.

During any healing journey and/or our spiritual awakening, you become aware of spiritual teachings, the ancient & not so ancient wisdoms, and you learn about them, you acknowledge them, you share them, you even understand them AND this is the time to integrate them. This is the time to feel them, know them and action them. Bringing that knowledge into your interactions, your everyday mundane, chop wood, carry water, daily lives. Integrating the awareness, the solutions, the letting go into your being.

Feel your body relax and your mind quieten as you sincerely let go of the past, let go of striving for a desired outcome, let go of needing to control, let go of running, let go of denial, let go of holding on. Feel your body soften and relax, notice the vibration within your being as you fill that new space up with faith, love, hope and clarity.

So much love.



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