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Fear is Contagious, Courage is Cultivated...

FEAR is contagious, COURAGE is cultivated.

The following thoughts I shared back in September 2015... yet they sum up the past 4 weeks for me also.

On a side note, I noticed differences between 7 years ago and now, and it is the layers to our healing stories, the more I heal the deeper I dive, the deeper I dive the deeper the healing, the more profound the healing, the more positive the changes and the more permanent. Also a deeper comprehension of what was out of alignment and why, so that my foundations to springboard from are more stable, strong and true.

Quoted from 2015:

"Inspiration from what was, heading into what will be.

well that was a squeeze...

I was wondering how I was going to describe, share or navigate the last 4 weeks and I think the above picture sums it up nicely. Be a Warrior not a Worrier.

The only time we get to practice being a warrior is when we are confronted with fear ~

(Remember fear comes in many disguises like anger, jealousy, greed, judgement, hate, procrastination, fear of failing, fear of commitment, not good enough, not brave enough, not strong enough or simply just being enough. Fear could apply to lack of motivation, lack of confidence, fake personalities, fear of losing health, wealth, jobs and loved ones.)

There were times of stillness, there were times of surrender and there were times of joy, elation, pleasure and peace.

But in between there was my fear. And what it showed me was were I was lacking in self-confidence, self-acceptance, self-love and self-worth.

But how else do we get to actually put into action all that we have read, all that we have heard, all that we have felt and all that we have learned?

It is only when we are confronted by our own shadow, our own fears, that we begin to heal and change. We don't heal and grow sitting in an ever shrinking comfort zone.

And it's not over yet..."

What I also learned is that fear resides in the mind. And it will talk you into things, out of things, around things, and even have you believing lies. For the mind IS programmable, therefore corruptible. So don't believe everything you think.

Take time out to hear your thoughts so you can correct your thoughts. Listen more to your heart and be guided by your intuition. Learn tools to change your thoughts which will change your trajectory.

Big hugs and big loves for anyone going through challenging times. I know how difficult it can be BUT don't fool yourself that there isn't help or hope!

So much love.



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