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Q & A : How can I shift this negative mindset?

Nathan’s Question:

How can I shift this negative mindset?

Mim’s Response:

Spaces In Between

When feeling the need to shift your energy for either respite, healing or balancing, for you have had enough of the negative and/or victim mindset, but not sure how to break the cycle… focus on the Spaces In Between.

I can guarantee you there are spaces in between the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, the sensations, the triggering, the anger, the grief, the resentment, the victim mindset. And it is into those spaces you must focus.

You need to begin a new practice to initiate the shift, focusing on the same old same old you have on repeat will only bring you more of the same same. So new ways now.

It is in the Spaces In Between you will find the peace, calm, clarity that you are seeking.

Where focus goes (your thoughts)

Energy flows (doing/action)

Reality grows (you will seek it and it will seek you)

Results show (where your focus has actually been, what your focus has actually been feeding)

So when you find yourself in moments of internal quiet, the Spaces In Between, choose to focus your thoughts, awareness, observations there and then. Set up a spiritual practice, a self-improvement tool, or even a journal, to utilise those Spaces In Between to assist yourself in ceasing the incessant loop your mind has got you in.

One cannot continuing doing the same thing and expect a different result.

Promise: promise yourself that you will do what you can to assist yourself to fall in love with your life

Practice: practice those tools, visual cues, read, listen, learn new ways of thinking, feeling and doing

Persevere: persevere through those times when you do feel like giving up, reverting back to old ways

Awareness: awareness is knowledge or perception of a situation or fact, reflect to know what that is

Attitude: attitude is the manner you adopt once you have become aware of the situation or fact

Approach: approach is everything to life, with awareness and attitude, your approach will positively shift to create the shift you are seeking.

Start by choosing the Spaces In Between and shift the experience and find innerstanding & self-mastery.



Mystic Pathways

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