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Retracing Thoughtsteps

I would like to share a vision and message regarding one way we may look at healing our past traumatic experiences, that ultimately set up negative thought patterns.

It was during a deep meditation the message dropped in.

Retracing Footsteps... more aptly put, Retracing Thoughtsteps.

At some point during your healing journey you will need to retrace your thought footsteps.

Retrace as far back as you can, keep practicing till you follow it back to the starting point.

That initial thought that set up the negative thought pattern and ingrained response.

Each time you retrace your thought footsteps you are creating the potential and opportunity to disrupt the signal of that thought process and create a new neuro pathway along a new line of thought, more aligned with truth. Learning to retrace your thought footsteps assists in rephrasing the thought so that it heals instead of harms.

Things won't change overnight, for some of those lines of thought are well and truly entrenched within your psyche.

So practice questioning yourself. Practice questioning the negative thoughts, remember to journal the process as this will help you keep track of the thread. Try questions like 'repeat what I just said (and actually repeat the thought), 'where did that line of thought come from?' 'Why do I believe that about myself', or whoever, whatever the thought was about. Then journal what would be a more beneficial thought in replace of the negative thought.

Remember to answer those questions honestly, authentically with no filters. And if you don't know at once, keep practicing. The answers truly lay within.

The change you seek begins with challenging the thought.

Where Focus Goes (your thoughts)

Energy flows (action from thought)

Reality Grows (what you thought will be created)

Results Show (if you keep experiencing the same negative experiences, then obviously you need to go back to the beginning and shift Where Focus Goes)

The only way to let go is to go into it. You need to know what you are letting go of to actually let it go.

Retracing is one way to do that.

Blessings, Mim

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