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Unplug ~ Tune In

We are yet to find and understand the true meaning of life and the universe, and I am sure when we do, it won’t be what we imagined it to be. The truth maybe not even be found in our lifetime. But what is important is, that we keep asking and seeking.

We have become extremely disconnected to our own hearts and nature. We are dictated to from many sources; religion, culture, society, governments, corporations, advertisers, schools, peers, family, etc... notice they are all external?

Realise (real eyes realise real lies) that the more you identify with these external influences the less inner connection you have and the less inner-knowing you will find. Ultimately we are alone within our psyche, there is no-one else there (maybe a fragment or two of our disassociated selves but no-one else). Yet we are all connected energetically in our sub-conscious minds. A paradox. The individual and the collective.

The spiritual journey is a journey into self. And the fear and resistance to letting go of old beliefs and external influences is extreme. Human identities have long been tied up to these conditions and when we comprehend that these conditions are false, we still battle to let them go. We still resist even though we know we must let go if peace is to be found. This is due mostly to people not knowing what to think or feel without them. The fear of becoming independent and sovereign only shows the lack of self-belief, self-awareness, self-worth and self-love.

And it is not only the conscious mind that needs reclaiming from the external. It is the unconscious mind that also needs soothing and calming.

So throughout your day today, listen to your inner language and don’t believe everything you think for there is no ceiling to truth and there is no floor to love.

We carry around with us, 24 7, our energy, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings. These all emit a frequency and you get to hold that frequency within your body and outside of your body. So if you want to feel peace today, then comprehend that peace starts with you, inside you, internally, it starts with your thoughts and your beliefs. You won’t find it in the news, you won’t find it in the latest gossip mag, you won’t find it even in songs. It comes from you, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your connection.

So unplug from the external artificial world more and tune into your inner natural world more.


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