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Q & A : What is the most important message/s you have for people to assist them

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Adrian’s Question:

What is the most important message/s you have for people to assist them in this critical time of mass awakening?

Mim’s Response:

Don’t believe everything you think but do use your mind as a tool to refine you, allow your heart to be your driver and your intuition your navigator.

Face yourself with courage, kindness, forgiveness, love and care.

Seek answers to your anxiety instead of avoiding, suppressing, or resisting it. Resistance creates the most suffering.

Look at life with awe and wonder not fear and contraction.

We live by other men’s concepts, making them concrete and common. However, those concepts are corrupt and we have lost connection to our divinity and spirit within, leaving us vulnerable and open to manipulation and coercion on all levels of consciousness.

The times we are living in have been prophesied by many cultures, individuals, and religions. We are playing out those details.

Humanity is at crossroad – artificial versus natural, virtual versus tangible, corruption versus purity, narcissism versus empathy, fear versus courage. So the sorting has begun.

We are seeing whose who in the zoo now, and what is at our core and the core of others. And in a reality with free will and choice we can choose to heal what is at our core wounding or not. Healing that which needs reconciling, letting go of that which harms us, and acknowledging that which is hidden away.

Humanity could not keep going the way it was, so all is coming to a head now. Without chaos we cannot create new. But what kind of new are we creating? Same same only worse? Or revolutionary ways, inspiring and uplifting humanity in ways of living, being and doing? There in lays the free will and choice. Free will and choice to heal or not.

If we (as in you, me, the collective) don’t heal, reconcile or let go, then that shows that we are attached, and most likely addicted, to the victim mindset. The victim mindset is set up to project, deflect,inflate, replicate and resist healing, causing the hamster wheel of suffering to continue.

To step off the hamster wheel of suffering requires a path of self mastery.

self mastery stems from self confidence

self confidence stems from self trust

self trust stems from self respect

self respect stems from self awareness

Self awareness stems from self reflection

Self reflection stems from the desire to self love

And whenever you feel out of self love, the path begins again.

It is through putting new ways into action that signals to the you that you are creating the change you are seeking.



Mystic Pathways

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