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What are You still Acting Out?

I would like to share a vision and message regarding one way we may look at healing our past traumatic experiences.

It was during a deep meditation, asking myself, what am I still acting out? That the vision and message revealed itself.

A suspended catwalk above multiple movie sets appeared…

Giving me a birds eye view of what was going on in each set down below.

Each ‘set’ had its own script, roles and actors. Each set that was still ‘active’, as in what I was still acting out, was lit up as if we were all still ‘acting out’.

As I looked at each ‘set’ that was lit up and active, I was able to see what scenario it was based on. Only then could I change the script, thereby changing the roles and action. Then one by one the acting out completes, resolves, transforms and turns into a ‘movie still’. Allowing you to at any time to still reflect on the past, it is just you are not acting out from them anymore.

We cannot change our past, but we can certainly change the narrative we hold in association to the memories.

In reflection of the scenarios you may still be ‘acting out’ from, you can resolve and reconcile so that the past does not dictate the present or future. Leaving the sets for the present and future not tainted by what is still acting out in you.

But allowing each new set to unfold with new scripts, new actors and new roles.

Blessings, Mim

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