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While I was deep in a process of creating an art piece, and musing as to what feels right to next draw into the piece, I traced the spaces that were going to be filled so that I could try different styles to see what appeased my eye.

It was geometric art with a repeating design. Part of that design was a curve that resembled a slice of half an apple. (the picture right)

As I drew in once space that I had traced, and then over-layed it on the main piece of art, I realised I would need to repeat the design with more than one repetition to see what the 'pattern' would look like as a part of the whole art work.

The finished pattern:

Then it dawned on me, that that is what patterns are like in humans. We need to repeat the design before we can even see there is a pattern and only then if we know or care to look. It is has to be repeated more than once, even more than 10 times, only then, will you see the 'pattern'... the re-occurring design that makes the whole pattern in the picture.

Then I realised that the 'threads' that make up the pattern may stay exact or stay to the same design, but the 'colours' of the threads may vary.

This is like in humans too.

View it as a 'play', where the script remains the same but the scenery and/or the actors change.

Same thing happens with our 'patterns'. We weave and then reweave a pattern trying to solve a a corrupt design without all the threads, so we seek those same similar threads that created the corrupt design in the first place to try and weave a different pattern, only to find we keep repeating the same design.

To become aware of a pattern, we must observe the repeating design. The 'pattern' is a repeating design that creates the pattern, whereas any and all triggers and/or characters may change. Prime example would be to keep enmeshing yourself in harmful relationships.

We need to change the design to create a new pattern from our own threads.

This picture on the left is a cross section of a bamboo stem, is a great example of seeing a design.

We would not know that it was a cross section of a bamboo stem by looking at just this one design of it. We need to see the design repeated that many times to make the pattern of the bamboo stem visible.

So in relation to human patterns, when we become aware of a pattern in ourselves, we would have been repeating it for some time for it to even become a pattern. Time being relative to the nature of the pattern of course.

The designs of all the patterns we weave consciously or unconsciously are different in each and every one of us.

The designs of your patterns are unique to your life experience whether positive or negative, ie: your sufferings and your blessings. Your designs and patterns are unique to your intelligence, your awareness, your mentality and observation skills. And to change a pattern, the desire and courage to self-reflect is vital if you want to design a different pattern, outcome or life experience.

What design is on repeat in your life that is creating an addictive pattern, an unhealthy pattern, a harmful patter?

And what design have your woven that is healthy, healing and empowering?

What we weave and what patterns we create, is on each and every one of us.

Especially as our threads can weave and thread in and out with many other peoples threads, and the designs and patterns that that creates.

For we all are part of the great fractal that is. As above, so below, As within, so without, As the universe, so the soul. Patterns are woven throughout all of creation. And we all come with our own unique threads that ultimately will weave our own life story.

So know the threads that you have been weaving patterns with all your life for whatever reasons that that may be.

Be conscious of the patterns you are weaving with you life threads.

Why weave where you know it is toxic?

Why weave where you know you do not belong?

Why weave without owning what patterns you are weaving and other threads you are enmeshing with?

Weave your designs and patterns with with as much conscious awareness, choice and accountability as you can.

Know that it is ok to weave a brand new pattern of your own making and design without the design of old patterns.

Be brave and creative and start weaving a new way, and if your weaving hits a snag, incorporate it into the design not the pattern and keep weaving.

So much love.

Mim WhiteWind, The Autistic Mystic


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