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Truth Just Is...

Truth doesn't need believers - it just IS...

If people connect with it, express it and embody it, then it is revealed and exposed - but no matter how misunderstood, distorted or hidden it may be, it cannot be destroyed.

If you know your Truth and it alienates people or causes others to tear you a part or project on to you - you still have it and it will see you through ~ it is your Ultimate Power.

Power is not fame and wealth - Truth is not outside of us, because anything is possible.

When we know our inner-Truth, we know outer Truth.

Truth is in our Heart, Soul and Spirit Nature, our Balance and it is the inner-voice of Intuition and the Clarity of the 3rd Eye and higher self connection to Source - which brings us into our Galactic Chakras and Light Body.

All that we express from this area is our Truth.

Divine Power is being strong in the face of adversity. It is capable of surviving this 3-D realm with Spiritual Integrity.

It is about not losing our Love & Wisdom nature in a realm that is influenced by false power structures that only thrive on secrecy, deception and the power we give away...

If we temporarily lose our Truth, or veil it or forget it, it always returns and never abandons - only we abandon.

It is those who rely on other people's belief systems - that are false power, false Truth and false light.

When you find your own personal Truth - never lose the tenacity of your devotion to it.



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