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Facing Your Cosmic Scream

I would like to share a vision and message regarding suffering.

It was during a deep meditation the message dropped in.

Facing Your Cosmic Scream...

One of the many gifts of altered states of consciousness is the gift of being conscious in your subconscious mind. Creating an opportunity to sort some things out that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

It shows us how vital it is to connect with the unseen aspects of ourselves, our soul and our spirit. The darker aspects we tend to avoid. The suffering that has been endured yet not reconciled.

Human suffering is real and that suffering leaves behind in its wake, a primordial cosmic scream in our being. Fed and enraged by all the injustices done to you and done unto this world.

How deep, long and loud your scream is, is more likely to be a reflection of how deep and long the suffering is.

To ease the suffering, to reconcile the injustice, to release the scream you must turn and face it so healing may begin.

Do not fear your scream.

Do not step away, or back, from your scream.

Turn to face it and Love it… all of it.

Show it the care and respect it deserves.

The scream that is all the pent up rage is seeking love, acceptance and justice. Not more hate, resentment or denial.

If you have a scream inside you, face it. Love it. Do not feed it, do not act upon it. But accept it. Be your scream’s witness.

By acknowledging and not acting on your scream, it begins calming it, like a gentle cool breeze after an intense summer storm.

By being brave enough to face your scream and not be terrified by the intensity of it, will you begin the innerstanding of it to finally reconcile with it. You will find answers to your problems. You will free your energy and create space for more empowering choices and actions.

So in the end the rage does not win. Love does.

Blessings, Mim

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