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A Spirited Life, The Nut Cracker - Chapter 1

Module 1 ~ The Nut Cracker

Chapter 1: Mind ~ Empowering Beliefs

Mind ~ beliefs versus truth, reality check please

Mind, they say, is what creates our actual experience of reality. Through the mind is how we physically manifest this physical reality. It is all about perception and what you believe. We think therefore we exist.

For what would we see, what would we feel, what would we do, what would we be, if we did not ‘think’?

What is it ‘To think’? Every moment, every thought, we are thinking (meaning: use of one’s mind actively to form connected ideas, ie: lines of thought). ‘Thinking’ is not made up of random thoughts, it is made up from words strung together, that when put together and read out loud, form your ‘beliefs’. When analysing these thoughts, these beliefs may appear random on the surface, but there are deeper connections between beliefs that we are unconscious and even unaware of.

Our beliefs are formed at very early stages of our lives, and these beliefs literally form how we interpret life later as adults. For some people those beliefs are grounded, nurturing, healthy and positive from healthy positive childhood experiences. However, not all early life experiences set those kinds of foundations. Those that are not aware of what their foundational belief systems are, tend to run on automatic pilot, where they are just existing in life. Yet meanwhile, behind the auto-pilot, there lays thoughts buried so deep, they are actually walking ignorantly blind to the influence these beliefs have over them and also to the potential for healthier more empowering thoughts & beliefs.

And when an individual begins to ‘awaken’, (ie: when someone starts to become aware of themselves and that their ‘thoughts’ are the building blocks to their experiences – self-awareness)… they start to become aware of those buried beliefs and lines of thought.

If there is one thing all the great Masters tried to tell us it’s that the answers are within, life is a journey of self-awareness and maturity, ie: self-mastery. There are many opportunities which may begin the journey of self-mastery: when we find ourselves in life changing experiences, a desire to self-love & self actualise, major arguments, a crisis, and/or at major crossroads.

It may be at those moments when either the emotional pain or the realisation that something has to change is so evident that you must start to look at yourself. When the pain of holding on outweighs the pain of letting. And it is at these moments those ‘buried lines of thought’, are pushing their way up to the surface to not only be acknowledged, but understood, accepted and integrated with love, compassion and empathy...

Snippet taken from A Spirited Life by Meredith Wilson

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