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Post from 2013, but still so relevant to today, if not more-so ~ The other day whilst waiting for my partner's car to be serviced, I sat in the ‘waiting room’ and the TV was on. We do not watch TV and have not done so for 18 months at least. However this morning I found myself listening to the Sunrise show (I think that is what it was called), I sat and I listened, and when I say listened, I mean listened to the context and content of what was being said. What I heard was fear mongering, making fun of other people, judging people they do not know, and just plain outright gossiping.

Then came the commercials, OMFG the commercials, have you really ever sat back with an objective, critical mind and HEARD what they are saying ~ it’s all effing bullshit. I had quite a few chuckles listening to the commercials… then the next show came on and it was DR OZ… another show to suck you into TV… in the end I had to turn it off.

I could feel physically the vibration and frequency of the TV and the propaganda it was spinning of through my body.

I breathed deeply, felt into my heart and spread that energy through me and settled down to reading uplifting material. Then with just a knowing, I knew to pack my reading material and book up, pull my purse out of my bag and ready myself as I just knew my partner's car was ready… and yes about 1 minute later the mechanic came walking up the stairs and advised it was ready.

I realised then that so many people are distracted by external influences and some people to the point where is it total, that we are not in-tune with our worlds around us and TV helps keep people distracted from life, truth and living. Do you think it is living sitting and watching TV all the time?

The noise, the tone, the pitch, the constant chitta-chatta that comes out of the TV is so distracting that people are addicted to it. For without this noisy distraction people are left to their OWN THOUGHTS and this scares them as they do not know what to think, how to think, what to feel and how to feel. They are so used to listening outside of themselves they have forgotten how to listen to themselves.

Why not turn TV off for a week? Is that too long for you? Why is that too long? What excuse are you going to come up with? Why not take the challenge and at the end of one week, make it another week and start to live your life from your inside out and not the inside of a TV out.

Tis a wonderful, beautiful, exciting, challenging journey getting to know oneself to such an intimate level that you hear, see and feel all your thoughts, beliefs and judgements.

Understanding what you are feeling and not attaching stories to it, excepting yourself to a point where you want to experience more of what life is teaching you about yourself.

For me this is LOVE and what a love it is, and I want to share that with you and all who live here.

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