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A Spirited Life, Getting Real - Chapter 5

Module 2 ~ Getting Real

Chapter 5: Matter ~ Energising Body

Matter ~ doing and being, finding the balance

Everything in moderation and you won’t tip the scales into an unbalanced life. An unbalanced life is a result of how our society, culture and governments have conditioned us. Finding a balanced life is an ongoing choice every day.

What is ‘doing’?

– doing is defined as...

1. To perform (an act, duty, role, etc.): "Do nothing until you hear the bell."

2. To execute (a piece or amount of work): "to do a hauling job."

3. To accomplish; finish; complete: "He has already done his homework."

4. To put forth; exert: "Do your best."

5. To be the cause of (good, harm, credit, etc.); bring about; effect.

6. To render, give, or pay (homage, justice, etc.).

7. To deal with, fix, clean, arrange, move, etc., (anything) as the case may require: "to do the dishes."

What is ‘being’

– being is defined as...

1. The fact of existing; existence (as opposed to nonexistence).

2. Conscious, mortal existence; life: "Our being is as an instantaneous flash of light in the midst of eternal night."

3. Substance or nature: "of such a being as to arouse fear."

4. Something that exists: "inanimate beings."

5. A living thing: "strange, exotic beings that live in the depths of the sea."

6. A human being; person: "the most beautiful being you could imagine."

7. (initial capital letter) God

We are Human Beings not Human Doings.And what is ‘being’ while you are ‘doing’?This is when you are consciously aware of ‘being’ in the present while you are ‘doing’ whatever it is you are doing. Bringing your focus, awareness, attention, attitude, mental astuteness, emotional response into the present moment and NOT thinking about yesterday or several years ago, projecting into the future or worrying about what is to come, stewing over what you said or didn’t do or what you didn’t say and did do.

It is ‘being’ fully in the present moment. Consciousness is the being in the doing. And that is done through conscious choice and thought.

What about the unconscious...unconscious/subconscious is our bodies amazing ability to breathe, cells renewing themselves constantly, biological systems doing their thing, turning food into fuel, and so many other things as well. We don’t have to tell our body to do these things, we don’t have to tell it to do that, this or the other, it does it as that is how our minds and bodies work. Disrupt that and it can have catastrophic repercussion. For example, severing a spinal cord or stroke.

This amazing ability of our bodies innately know what to do actually frees up our conscious mind to think,rationalise, reflect, improve etc.

Major health issues arise when we consciously ignore what our bodies are telling us. If we become fully present we have the ability to listen to our bodies... am I really hungry or is that signal telling me I am thirsty?

If we are too busy worrying about external influences then we will miss what our

bodies are telling us.

‘Be’ while you ‘do’–don’t go into auto-pilot and allow old patterns of behaviour and thought to infiltrate and disturb the status quo. Step out of the old comfort zone and approach new ways of being and doing.

Conscious awareness firmly requests you stay aware of who you are. Don’t

follow trends, you are not a mindless body following marketing or advertising

orders. You have a mind and a body to listen and guide.

Think for yourself (BE)

Act for yourself (DO)

Snippet taken from A Spirited Life by Meredith Wilson

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