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A Spirited Life, The Nut Cracker - Chapter 2

Module 1 ~ The Nut Cracker

Chapter 2: Matter ~ Energising Body

Matter ~ what do you eat and why?

“Each person’s inner journey is different. However, the journey must be taken and will be taken by ones spirit whether the ego wants it or not. One can suppress, deny, avoid but the journey will continue none the less, even beyond death. Better to have a healthy body, sound tools, supportive kin around you and an adventurous heart… then the journey will be much more fulfilling, insightful and enjoyable. Life is an adventure. Live it.” Mim

When we look at what we believe, we can see that belief in action with what we feed our bodies.

For example:

Time Poor ~ I do not have time to eat healthily… this in itself speaks volumes of your own self-worth but also where your priorities lie. And notice that play on words in italics? Priorities Lie. Just because something is a priority doesn’t mean it is good for you. So you value what it is that is hurting you, over doing something that would support and nourish you.

What is more important than feeding your body the correct foods, nutrients and water for amazing healthy living?

Another belief could be that it takes a long time to prepare healthy food to eat… how would you know if you haven’t researched and practised? Once you start, you realise that it is not difficult nor time consuming.

In the long run it is not as expensive as having to pay a doctor or pharmaceutical company to try and get better, and end up actually worse.

We live in an environment that is heavily polluted and in an age where corporations are slowly poisoning us with their chemical toxic products.

If you think all food-manufacturing corporations have your best interests at heart, think again. What is wise to remember is that ‘corporation’ is just a label for a group of people doing business. By using labels like ‘corporations’, it ends up removing the realisation that is people making choices, decisions and actions that puts profits before people.

One morning many years ago a morning show was on the television and they were broadcasting on how medical professionals were making lap band surgery the treatment for obesity. This is still a band-aid solution unless it is accompanied with education regarding mind-body health and guidance in making healthier choices for the body, which will assist in changing their conscious and subconscious habits and heal.

It would appear that we, as a collective society, are still ignoring that our ‘minds’ play a crucial role in healing.

We know now that certain foods are addictive! Refined sugar is the most addictive substance on the planet and yet while we know this, people are still feeding their bodies with the addictive substance.

Too much of ANYTHING is not good for you! Everything in moderation.

Everything in moderation is probably the best advice that may be given for everything. From foods to thoughts, from activities to meditation.

So when beginning to change your dietary lifestyle, remember moderation. If we focus too much on one thing, we may deplete our bodies of nutrients needed by excluding other foods. If we do not focus and just eat whatever, we certainly will be depleting our bodies of essential nutrients, trace elements, vitamins and minerals. These are the building blocks to healthy bodies.

Snippet taken from A Spirited Life by Meredith Wilson

aka Mim WhiteWind

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