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A Spirited Life, The Nut Cracker - Chapter 1 cont.

Module 1 ~ The Nut Cracker

Chapter 1: Mind ~ Empowering Beliefs

Mind ~ beliefs versus truth, reality check please

To assist in challenging limiting thoughts start writing them down in a journal, without editing, censoring, judging or holding back. Allow them to flow onto the page. When you have exhausted your thoughts in writing, wait a few days before going back over them and challenge to yourself what you have written, ask yourself ‘are those thoughts true?’.

Practice maintaining a healthy balance between thinking and doing. Allow yourself time every day, whether it is 5 minutes or 50 minutes, to sit silently in a safe quiet space and ask yourself what do I need? If an answer doesn’t come straight away, be patient, you are learning to know yourself. Every day do something positive that your future self will thank you for, for example: drink plenty of clean water, eat fresh healthy nutritional food and/or go for a walk.

I find the time between sleep and awake, and the time between falling asleep and asleep, are powerful times to listen to our thoughts and rephrase those thoughts to more constructive, positive thoughts. This in turn helps to reprogram the subconscious mind. Both of these times are when the subconscious and conscious mind are open and on the same theta brainwaves allowing the healing of any negative implicit memories.

Practice maintaining a healthy balance between conceptualising and experiencing. Take time to be creative with your ideas and then find ways to implement them. Take small steps at a time. Is there an easier way you could be doing something? Have you a business idea to express your passion? Then take courses, join networks or groups and take yourself there.

The mind is a tool. Allow your heart to be the driver and use your intuition as the navigator. It is in the doing that shows your being the change you are seeking.

Question those thoughts.

Don’t believe everything you think. We see only one very small aspect of any given thing, while ignorantly and arrogantly easily dismissing another’s experience or perspective and believe our own assumptions and/or presumptions.

More often than not when we think something or what someone is doing that is impacting on us, is all about them, it is usually about ourselves. And when we think it is all about our self, more often than not it is all about the other. Then ultimately, either way, it comes down to how we are managing our own selves. In other words, it is up to us to stop taking things personally or we need to self-correct.

When we learn to challenge our thoughts that limit us, hold us back, or are self-damaging, we open ourselves up to opportunities for change at fundamental levels.

Snippet taken from A Spirited Life by Meredith Wilson aka Mim WhiteWind

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